Accept Credit Card Payments on your iPad

credit card reader for ipad

How did you pay for stuff in the 1970’s?
Let’s go back in time 40 years, to the 1970’s. You’re at your favorite fast food restaurant–Mc’Donald’s. You order a Big Mac, large fries, large ice-cold Coca-Cola, and you pay for everything with your credit card.

McDonald’s Training Video: Buying Fast Food with Credit Cards

Fast forward to today … you have your own business, perhaps it’s designing websites, being a marketing consultant for social media platforms, or even an all-natural cleaning service. You’ve completed the job and it is time for you to get paid. Your client wants an easy and quick way to pay you. Your client does not want to and does not expect to pay you cash.

Accept Credit Card Payments for your Service
What do you do? You take payments the way that you made those payments some 30 years earlier. You accept credit cards?

Accept Credit Card Payments on your iPad
How can you accept credit cards? Is it possible for you to accept credit card payments on your iPad? It’s easy with Innerfence, the Credit Card Terminal solution for your business.

In fact, when you visit Innerfence right now, you can get a free credit card reader for your iPad, sent directly to your address, simply by signing up for an account. This is absolutely free.

So, grab your free credit card reader for your iPad and begin accepting payments wherever you are by visiting Innerfence right now and filling out the sign-in form, a 5-minute process. Zero cost. Zero risk.

Imagine how easy it will be to get paid. This is ideal if you have your own business, especially a service-oriented business like website design, social media consulting, life coaching, financial advising, or even selling your own artwork.

People buy your service because they are chasing a feeling, that is, the end result feeling they get from the results of having-purchased-your-service. Because people are feelings-based, they buy impulsively and don’t like to wait around. Having a credit card reader on your ipad will allow you to satisfy their impulsive urges. It’s a win-win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Get your iPad credit card reader, free, at Innerfence Credit Card Reader solutions.

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